Exhibitions > I AM A GOLDMINE / YOU ARE A GOLDMINE ___ 10.01 - 20.02.2021

I AM A GOLDMINE / YOU ARE A GOLDMINE __ 12.12.2020 - 20.02.2021
I AM A GOLDMINE / YOU ARE A GOLDMINE __ 12.12.2020 - 20.02.2021

"I AM A GOLDMINE / YOU ARE A GOLDMINE", an exhibition introducing the Golden Age
10.01 - 20.02.2021


Fabienne Audéoud Dr. Atrebor Alimac Sotnas Sod Iksnizdur Marie Sophie Beinke James Lee Byars Pierre Coric Delphine Deguislage Annea Lyvv Dreisz Maartje Folkeringa Yannick Ganseman Lisa Jeannin Emily Kelly Clara Lissens Simon Masschelein Victoria Parvanova Guy Rombouts Idris Sevenans Jelle Spruyt Hans Theys Fran Van Coppenolle Zena Van den Block Raphael Vandeputte Yasmin Van de Rauwelaert Jojo R. Zinski

In the midst of this worldly transtion, intergalactic biological warfare and therefore a most important moment in history Het Orakel / The Oracle gallery is excited to announce the second show “I AM A GOLDMINE / YOU ARE A GOLDMINE“ (the wedding).
Het Orakel /The Oracle will be wrapped in gold by Het Orakel herself, Annea Lyvv Dreisz, who in this way starts a communication with different contemporary artists."I want to create a new reality inside an existing reality in which the exhibition can take place and gives a platform for a new way of communication."(Annea Lyvv Dreisz) Every participating artist will bring a golden work. This can be a an existing work, new work, found object, guilded ceramics, sculpture, performance, video etc. which represents gold for each individual artist in their present life.
There will be 4 (or more) openings. Every opening with a different performance SUNDISK I, SUNDISK II, SUNDISK III and SUNDISK IV. The emphasis lies on the golden Experience, the coming together of artists in this Golden Cave / Temple , each artist adding value to the treasure.
What impact will a fully wrapped golden space with only golden works in it, have on the contemporary mind, on the body, on the soul. Gold represented the living symbol of RA, the Sun in ancient Egypt. Gold is a divine material that communicates and honors the Golden god of the Sun. It is the symbol of Royal Dignity.
The gallery will be constructed along laws as rigorous as those for building ancient temples and therefore Annea Lyvv Dreisz works with one of the finest Architects in the field of Temple building. The outside must not come in.The Space is Holy. Walls are covered in gold. The ceiling becomes a source of light. The art and the artist will be free, to take on its own life.